Chapter 3

The Funeral“…and in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen,” said Reverend Kelley.  He signaled for the casket to be lowered into the grave.

I tried to hold back the tear at my eye and wiped my nose with my sleeve.  My father put his arm over my shoulder and we walked away in silence.  My mother and Scooter followed.

“There’s a reception at the Ravenhardt’s house if you’d like to attend,” said Molly’s cousin Noel Carver as she approached. “There’ll be plenty of food.”

“Thank you, Noel. We’ll stop by for a few minutes,” said my father.

“Jack and Holly will appreciate it.”

“Sure thing.”

We walked up to our family car, the rusty brown Impala.

“Why don’t you hop up front Lucius? You don’t mind do you Lizzie?”

My mother shot my father a dirty look for calling her ‘Lizzie.’ “Yes that’s fine.”

We drove in silence for about ten minutes before my father spoke.
“You never know when you’re time’s going to be up do you Lucius?”

“No, I suppose not.”
“One day when you’re not looking, wham! It sneaks up on you.  Lucius, I want you to do something for me.”

I looked over at him wondering what it could be.
“What’s that?”

“Live your life for today.  Enjoy what you have in each moment ’cause you never know when the moment’s going to be over.”

He glanced over at my mother in the back seat.
“Pay attention to the important things so you don’t end up looking back on your life with regret.”

I stared out window of the Impala at the streetside piles of leaves and missed Molly.