“I’ve seen your poster,” I said to Carnal Carrie. “My father had it downstairs in his office.”
“Really!?” Carrie said excitedly. “Which one? The tiger skin rug? The bubbles?”
“The feathers.”
“Oh, that was one of my favorites.”

Carrie tapped her cigarette into the ashtray and took a long drag.

“Did your dad ever see my show, hun?”
“I don’t know. Maybe,” I said. “I know he and a friend did a road trip out west in the 50′s after my grandfather died.”
“I’ll be right back, Lucius,” said Noel as she pointed in the direction of the restroom.
“Lucius?” said Carnal Carrie under her breath. “What’s your dad’s name, hun?”
“He’s a Lucius too,” I said.
“Lucius what?”
“Lucius Van Dyke the second.”
“Lucky Loochie,” said Carrie quietly. “Your dad is Lucky Loochie!”
“Lucky Loochie?”
“Yeah. He was a sweetie. Couldn’t win a bet to save his soul, but he was a wonderful man. He bartended for me for a while when the chips was down.”

Noel returned from the bathroom grimacing in disgust.

“It’s nasty in there.”
“Use the men’s,” said Carrie. “Women here are pigs.”
“She knew my dad,” I said to Noel.
“Lucky Loochie, unluckiest man in Vegas,” said Carrie. “How’s your dad doing?”
“I don’t know.” I took a swig of my drink. “Haven’t seen him in fifteen years.”

courtesy of the wonderful Prelinger Archives at www.archive.org